mardi 22 décembre 2015


Here we go! We have on board the association we were very interested in ! This is the 'Centro Integral Marcelina Meneses', a place dedicated to women emigrating from Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay or Chile. In these countries, marital abuse is strong and women have poor rights. They leave with their family to join Argentina, where they arrived helpless and lost.
"This nice painting behind us has been made 3 weeks ago
by a Chilian artist.
It represents women of all horizons
(country & profession)"

Reina Isabel Torres
Reina Isabel Torres, President, and her team  - Patricia met on last Saturday, Dec. 19th - welcome them in their center where are provided advices and assistance at different levels: legal, social, psychological, etc. Women are also taught for a profesion based on their competencies. Often, it is a manual activity that will enable them to find a job.
Patricia’s words about her visit to the Center at Ezpeleta. "With Reina, you can feel that everything comes from heart and she does her best to help those women […] She is fully passionate by what she does against violence, discrimination, …, sexual prevention and education […] Really a fantastic meeting with true people like we love. They all said to me that they would send tons of energy for the ascension. »

Why this association?We have been amazed by Reina’s energy and her team but all the more by Reina’s achievement. She has been able with her weak means but a huge determination to make an act passed decreeing the 10th of January the official Day for Emigrating Women!
Important: the center receives NO subsidy working with private-owned institutes and foundations.

Why and how such a motivation? Learn it on this page.

Patricia and I have liked the approach of the center: make these women independent. We wanted a concrete project to support and we have been interested by a dressmaking workshop that offers the women the possibility to work in an association or to found one.. Then, find their own job!

This workshop works with what is at hand, like you can read in this article on our homepage. Launch of the workshop: Jan 4th. Perfect timing!

Women’s House
Painting the workshop & Reina and her team
The patio outside.

NEEDS are numerous:
  • Purchase of equipment: industrial sewing machines, cutting table, diverse tissues (lycra, jogging, silk, cotton), working tables, collar machine, …
  • Purchase of material: needles, meters and rules, patterns, buttons, cisels, sewing paper and pens, etc.
But more generic stuff is needed to make the Centre work properly :
  • IT equipment (PC, printers, laptop, beamer). Please see opposite photograph what Reina is using currently.
  • Office supplies (paper reams, notebooks, folders, pens, etc).
  • Educational material for children for the psychologist’s work (toys, puzzles, interactive games, mind games – all ages)
We count on YOU to help them in their mission. You can contribute in donation or in nature (object, service, competencies). We have made a first estimate to reach our goal of 3000€. It can be done with an average donation of 35€ per contributor...

Thank you in advance! For action, Click on our page Ulule

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